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Links and articles with helpful advice and guidance.

Hannah Slater
The New York Times

People Who Do Strength Training Live Longer — and Better

A consensus is building among experts that both strength training and cardio‌ are important for longevity.

The Harvard Gazette

Really need to start exercising but hate it? Just move

Health professionals say any regular activity is useful. If it’s been a while, ramp up ‘like a crockpot: low and slow’

The Harvard Gazette

Faster, fitter?

Not really, says Spaulding Rehab expert. When you go for a walk, focus on this instead.

The New York Times

Can You Pass the 10-Second Balance Test?

This simple, often neglected skill can pay huge dividends later in life.

The New York Times

A Low-Pressure Guide to Make Strength Training a Habit

For real this time.

The New York Times

Women Have Been Misled About Menopause

Hot flashes, sleeplessness, pain during sex: For some of menopause’s worst symptoms, there’s an established treatment. Why aren’t more women offered it?

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